Development Update – February 2017

by | Feb 6, 2017 | The Falconers: Moonlight | 0 comments

We would like to announce that The Falconers: Moonlight will be published by Sekai Project.

Sekai Project has been publishing, licensing, and localising popular visual novel titles such as Clanned, The Fruit of Grisaia, World End Economica, Fault series, Narcissu, and many more in the west since 2013. We’re pleased to have an experienced publisher on board to help bring The Falconers: Moonlight visual novel to you.



The script for The Falconers: Moonlight has been completed. The visual novel can be read from beginning to the end with multiple branches. The localising team has also begun working on translating the script to Thai language. All that’s left to do is to finish up the CG arts, animation, sound, and testing.




On Steam, we have implemented Steam Cloud so your saves will stay with you across all of your devices that run Steam.

Steam Achievements have also been added to help you keep track of the progression. More achievements will be added in closer to launch. You will unlock one of the achievements once you reach the end of each chapter. Some of the chapters also have braches that will unlock specific achievements. This will help you see if you have seen and read everything The Falconers: Moonlight has to offer.

We are working on Steam Trading Cards.

All in all, we’re almost at the end of the production, and expecting to deliver┬áThe Falconers: Moonlight in April. Do follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get latest news and update. Cheers!