Preview Demo and Story So Far

by | Oct 4, 2016 | The Falconers: Moonlight | 0 comments

It had been couple of months now since the last update, and this is a good time to post about what had been happening since the production begin on The Falconers: Moonlight visual novel.

New Engine

The big thing that happened during the first week of the production period was porting the visual novel from Contruct 2 to Ren’Py due to the performance issue I encountered on Ultra HD screen. Which mean a lot of document reading on Ren’Py scripting along the way as I have never code any script in Ren’Py before.

This however, does not slow the production down as many things like GUI (Graphic User Interface), scenario scripting, and all things involving visual novel are already there in the engine itself. With learning new script language and how Python language work in general offset the need to code many functions from scratch, we managed to stay right with the schedule that we have.

In October, we have all the art for this first chapter completed as well as the scripting, and currently in the (kinda) closed alpha testing and recieving the feedback on what we have so far. We will continue to polishing it as much as we can approching the releases of the Preview Demo by this Halloween.

Moving Pictures

If you have followed us on Facebook, you may have already seen this teaser for the preview demo we posted. It had been made to features the arts and bits of actual scenes from the visual novel. It was also intended to be use for Steam Greenlight page.


We also posted up two speed painting video supplied by our artist, Ares. There will be more videos coming up close to the preview demo release schedule, so keep close eyes on our Facebook and this website.

Community Building

Yes, I did mention Steam Greenlight. However, we will not be setting up an actual page on there for voting until the visual novel is close to completion. There still months away from the deadline, and at this point many things can still be change (looking at you, GUI). We feel that we only have one shot at Steam Greenlight. When visitor vote ‘no’, they will never see our Greenlight page show up on their voting queue on Steam again. So it seem best that we showcase our most final looking product on there then rather than the ‘preview demo’ which may not represent the final work. Hint why we keep calling them ‘preview demo’ instead of just a ‘demo’.

What we can do, though, is to setup a ‘concept’ page on Steam Greenlight, so we will have access to discussion board there to communicate with the Steam community. The votes there won’t be count toward the actual Greenlight, but at least we get our presence out there before the actual vote begin.

Once the preview demo releases, it will be the time for us to spread out words on what we are building. Until then, tells your friends and family about The Falconers: Moonlight, and stay safe from the Cullers!