The Falconers: Moonlight Added a Universal Language [April Fools]

by | Apr 1, 2017 | The Falconers: Moonlight | 0 comments

We would like to announce that a new language has been added to The Falconers: Moonlight. As we plan to localises our visual novel to different languages, we were shocked that there are over 6,000 languages out there in the world. It will be a very costly and long process to localised The Falconers: Moonlight into all those languages for all the people in the world. So our research team has come up with a solution. They found a universal language. Emoji.
As the release date for The Falconers: Moonlight is getting close in, our localisation team is working their hardest, days and nights, so we can have this language available right when the visual novel is launch. You can switch to Emoji right from Preferences Menu.
With Emoji being a universal language of the future, we also considering to remove English and Thai localisation all together, as they are no longer needed. Duolingo also has an Emoji for English speakers course available if you need to brush up the language.
If you missed a playthrough live stream of The Falconers: Moonlight demo by Sekai Project, the video is now available on YouTube.
Stay tuned to our social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter for more news and update on The Falconers: Moonlight. Emoji art supplied by EmojiOne