The Falconers: Moonlight – Glossary – Part 1

by | Apr 6, 2017 | The Falconers: Moonlight |

Part 1 of an explanatory series of moving pictures that shall endeavour to educate our treasured Moonlight readers in the finer points of New Zealand lore.

And those of you who prefer the written word…

Good day to you. I am Edwin McRae, writer of Moonlight and creator of The Falconers.

The time is ripe to address some potentially perturbing points in Moonlight, particularly for those readers who are unfamiliar with New Zealand and its foibles.

Wiremu “Weka” Jones. Wiremu is of the Maori persuasion, a Polynesian culture that has inhabited New Zealand for the last seven to eight hundred years.

That tattoo upon his chin is called a ‘moko’ and it is a traditional Maori expression of his identity.

The weka is a small flightless, brown bird native to New Zealand. It is notorious for its cunning and avaricious nature. Whilst travelling through the New Zealand bush you are strong advised to refrain from leaving your personal possessions outside of the tent. For come morning, they will have most likely been procured by a weka. In fact, there is a particularly fortunate weka out there right now, smoking my tobacco with my pipe.

Now that’s probably enough to cogitate on for the moment. Fear not, I shall return soon with further elucidations on all things New Zealand. But for now, let us just remember these salient points.

Wiremu, Maori. Weka, and moko.

Thank you, and it has been a pleasure making your acquaintance.

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