Designing the Falconer Badge

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Purpose of the Falconer Badge

The Order of the Falconer exists to serve and protect humanity. They are law keepers. That said, they really have only one law.

“If you are a Culler, you will be hunted down and destroyed.”

And such is the mystique and influence of the Order of the Falcon, Falconers generally get to ignore most of the local laws within their assigned hunting grounds. All they need do is flash their golden badge in the faces of the right people and doors open, resources are made available, and blind eyes are turned.

Designing the Falconer Badge

Poor Ares, the artist working on our visual novel, Moonlight. I gave her the barest of briefs.

“The profile of a striking falcon.”

So this is what rolled in for the first draft. That’s the Falconer Badge hovering over Draft 1 Cassie’s shoulder.

Falconer Badge Draft 1

Note: Those of you who’ve read my blog post, The Creation of Cassie Winter, might have noticed those rather high heels on Cassie boots. They didn’t survive Draft 2 Cassie.

Falconer Badge Draft 2

Right, so for Badge Draft 2 I asked to have the lettering on the ring removed. US Federal Marshall badges tended to have that kind of lettering and I was keen to avoid the whole ‘Wild West Lawmen’ look.

Much better! So on to Draft 3, the Lineart version.

Falconer Badge Draft 3

Ares has added in those nice raised edges, like on a coin.

But my concern was that it looked a little too modern. It was losing its 19th Century flavour. So I asked Ares to add in some ‘ye olde scrollwork’, like on this broach I find in a google search for ‘1800s+broaches’.

Falconer Badge Draft 4

This is what she came up with.

Very nice, I’m thinking! Only, there’s something still not quite right. Ah, that’s it. Falconers use gold to kill Cullers. It’s the only metal that will hurt them. In which case, a Falconer’s badge should also be made of gold.

Falconer Badge Draft 5

And there we have it, the Falconers Badge as it stands that the moment.

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